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The SAT On-Campus Program will not be offered beyond June 30, 2018.
SAT On-Campus allows colleges to administer SAT and SAT Subject Tests to incoming and continuing students for advisement and placement. Although the College Board began offering the redesigned SAT in March 2016, SAT On-Campus will continue to use the old SAT.


Use SAT On-Campus testing to determine which students:

  • Are ready for entry-level college courses.
  • Need remediation in basic skills.
  • May be exempted from a particular course.

Test results can also be used to track student progress and advise students on course selection.


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Getting Ready for the SAT (For SAT On-Campus Only)

Use this guide to prepare for SAT On-Campus administrations during the 2016-17 academic year.


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SAT On-Campus Order Form

Fill out and fax this order form to 973-735-1903 at least three weeks before your first test date.


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SAT On-Campus Program Brochure

Read this brochure to understand more about SAT On-Campus.


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SAT On-Campus testing can’t be used to:

  • Apply to other colleges.
  • Receive scores for college admission, as the results from SAT On-Campus tests are not official scores, and they will not be reported by the College Board to the test-taker.
  • Test younger students who may take the SAT for college admission in the future.

Advantages of SAT On-Campus

  • You choose the time and place to administer tests.
  • You choose the tests that will help you meet your goals. In addition to the SAT, all 20 SAT Subject Tests are available.
  • You can score tests yourself for immediate results.

Free Validity Studies

The Admitted Class Evaluation Service™ (ACES™), an Internet-delivered validity study service, can help you evaluate each measure you use to make admission and placement decisions to determine which ones are the best predictors of student success at your institution. No fee is charged for routine analyses; nominal fees may be required for customized analyses.


Tests and related materials are rented for one-time use per test. Fees include charges for answer sheets, CDs for SAT Subject Tests with listening sections, and scoring software (for the SAT) or stencils (for SAT Subject Tests).

Fees Through August 2017
Test/Service Domestic International
SAT $42 $55
SAT Subject Tests $21 $39.50
Essay Reading Service $6.25 per essay
($312.50 minimum)
$6.25 per essay
($312.50 minimum)

How SAT On-Campus Works

Using Test Materials

SAT On-Campus rents the tests and supporting materials to your institution according to the rental agreement on the SAT On-Campus Order Form (.pdf/586KB), which includes but is not limited to these points:

  • Refunds and credits are not available for unused test books or answer sheets.
  • You must provide an administration date or testing period during which you will administer the tests.
  • Tests are not reusable and all test materials, along with the Test Book Return Forms, must be returned by the end of the four-month rental period that begins with the first test date that you indicate on your order form.

Administration Manual

The Test Administration and Scoring Manual included with each shipment provides information for receiving, storing, administering, scoring, and returning SAT materials. Neglecting to follow the guidelines given in the manual may jeopardize your standing to use the program in the future.

Test Security

Like the nationally administered tests, SAT On-Campus tests are current and secure, which means their contents cannot be disclosed, and they must be guarded to prevent unauthorized access.

Make sure that you designate a secure location at your school to store the exam materials until use. The test books are shipped in sealed packs, and the seals should remain unbroken until you are ready to use the tests.


SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are hand-scored at your institution using the stencils provided.

SAT Scoring at Your Institution

SAT scoring should be done using the MicroScore™ software, which is supplied free of charge with your first SAT order. MicroScore provides on-the-spot scanning, scoring, and reporting of the locally administered SAT. If you cannot meet the specifications below to support the software, you can send the answer sheets to SAT On-Campus for scoring. Hand-scoring is not an option for the SAT.

Hardware Specifications for MicroScore:

  • PC with Pentium-class processor
  • 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM minimum; 128 MB or higher recommended
  • Hard drive — 40 GB minimum
  • Removable storage — CD reader
  • Scanner set to “pencil,” double-sided scanning head, Pearson NCS: OpScan® series, Scantron: ScanMark series
  • Printer

Software Specifications for MicroScore:

  • MS Windows 98 or later
  • MS Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 or later
  • Anti-virus software
  • Administration rights to install proprietary software on all PCs
  • Appropriate scanning software
  • MicroScore software

SAT Scoring by SAT On-Campus

SAT On-Campus scoring takes a minimum of 2 ½ weeks. You can submit multiple-choice only, essays only, or both types of tests together for scoring. The Essay Scoring Service is designed to assist colleges that do not have a staff of trained readers to score student essays.

Standalone multiple-choice sections will be scored and mailed in about 2 ½ weeks from the date the answer sheets are received.

Multiple-choice sections and essays will be scored and mailed together 2 ½ weeks after the deadline for the respective scoring session.

  • The first deadline is the 10th of the month and the second deadline is the 21st of the month.
  • Essays received by the 10th of the month (1st deadline) will be scored in the first monthly session; essays received by the 21st of the month (2nd deadline) will be scored in the second monthly session.
  • We will score any essays received after the 21st in the first scoring session of the following month.

Contact SAT On-Campus

Mail: SAT On-Campus, P.O. Box 6725, Princeton, NJ 08541

Phone: 800-430-3033

Fax: 973-735-1903