College-Bound Seniors Reports

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College Board SAT College-Bound Seniors Reports provide insight into the characteristics of various groups of college-bound seniors.

The reports include aggregated data for mean scores and responses to student background questions from graduating seniors who took the SAT or an SAT Subject Test in high school. The data are used for monitoring SAT trends and for viewing scores in context.


Mean Scores and Score ChoiceTM

Mean scores for the 2015 College-Bound Seniors Reports to institutions of higher education will continue to be based on students' most recent SAT scores, and will not be affected by the scores that students choose to send to colleges through Score Choice.

Available Reports

College Basic Report

The College Basic Report is automatically sent to colleges and universities to which 50 or more students reported their SAT scores.

Delivered in August, this paper report contains data from students who sent reports to your institution, including mean scores, score distributions, and percentiles.

It also includes the names of other colleges and universities that received SAT score reports from your prospective applicants and the locations of high schools that supply the largest number of your prospective applicants. For each high school these data are reported:

  • Aggregate mean SAT scores
  • Mean scores by gender
  • School name, city, and state

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Total Group and State College-Bound Seniors Profile Reports

These reports contain mean scores and responses to the SAT Questionnaire by state and for the total group. Use them to compare total group and state data with the data from your prospective applicant group.

View College-Bound Seniors Profile Reports.

College-Bound Seniors Public Use File

These fee-based files are individual records containing:

  • Most recent SAT Program scores
  • Demographic information
  • SAT Questionnaire responses (student, school, and college identification not included)

Data in various sample sizes are available:

  • By state
  • For the total group
  • With SAS® variables for use with SAS (Base Product) software

Ordering Reports

Visit Data Guidelines (.pdf/131K) for more information. If you did not receive a Basic Profile Report, and 50 or more students reported their scores to your institution, please contact us at