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Bulk Registration

Bulk registration enables users to submit student registration information for PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT, and SAT School Day securely and electronically.

Districts and states can use bulk registration for PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and PSAT/NMSQT; once this process is complete, schools will receive pre-identification (pre-ID) labels for student answer sheets in the mail.

Bulk registration saves time by eliminating the need for students to complete this information on test day.

For SAT School Day, Admission Tickets are mailed directly to students — students don’t need to register themselves online; they simply bring their Admission Tickets to school on test day.

Bulk registration does not replace the process for ordering tests. PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 test books must be ordered through the test ordering site.

Benefits of Bulk Registration

  • Improves data accuracy: District- and state-submitted data is often more accurate, which improves the data’s usefulness.
  • Reduces billing discrepancies: Contract billing is based on grade level. Using district-submitted data eliminates disputes about students who may not have bubbled in any grade or bubbled in the wrong grade.
  • Save time on test day: Bulk registration reduces the time students spend filling out registration information on test day, allowing them to focus on the test.

Who Uses Bulk Registration

Bulk registration is available to districts and states with contracts for PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and PSAT/NMSQT and to a small group of select districts that participate in SAT School Day administrations.

When to Upload Bulk Registration Files

Bulk registration files can typically be uploaded starting approximately 6–8 weeks prior to test day. There is an option to receive labels and admission tickets earlier, providing more time for pretest activities, for most administrations. See the exact dates below for each test administration.

Spring 2016 Administrations

Fall 2015 Administrations

Preparing Your Student Registration Data

Step 1: Getting Access

To participate in bulk registration, you’ll need:

  • A College Board professional account. Account Help includes info about sign in, passwords, and access codes.
  • A bulk registration access code. Access codes are sent to designated data uploaders approximately one week before bulk registration opens for each test administration.

Step 2: Preparing Files

Your registration file(s) must be in either Microsoft Excel (.xls) or Comma Separated Value (.csv) format. The first row in the file must have the exact same column headers listed in the Bulk Registration File Specifications shared below. If you're registering students for more than one test, you can upload their data in a single registration file.

Use these templates and sample files to ensure that your file is formatted correctly:


Bulk Registration File Specifications

Information about key fields for bulk registration, field-level specifications, as well as field names, error messages, and validation rules.


209 KB


Bulk Registration Sample - Excel

Sample data illustrating correct formatting.


36 KB


Bulk Registration Sample - CSV

Sample data illustrating correct formatting.


2 KB


Bulk Registration Template - Excel

Import your data into this pre-formatted template.


34 KB


Bulk Registration Template - CSV

Import your data into this pre-formatted template.


1 KB

Step 3: Uploading Your Files

Once your file is created, follow the directions for uploading your file in the Bulk Registration tool.

Step 4: Validating Files

Once your file has been uploaded, the system will validate that it is formatted correctly and that all required fields have been provided.

Validation can take up to 24 hours, but is often completed sooner. Your dashboard will indicate whether the file passed or failed and identify any problematic data. If you need to make corrections, you can upload a full replacement file or edit individual student records. If you need to upload additional registrations, upload an add-on file.

Step 5: Submitting Files

After the file has been validated and data is correct, click Submit. Files that are not submitted will not be processed. 

Next Steps

Before Test Day

Labels for PSAT-related assessments are shipped separately from test materials. Their arrival date depends on when bulk registration files were submitted (see dates above). Labels will be arranged by last name within each grade level, unless the custom sort feature was utilized. Labels should be applied to answer sheets before test day.

Students registered for SAT School Day will receive their Admission Ticket at the mailing address provided in the file. A copy of each Admission Ticket will also be sent to the school.

Students will still need to complete the Student Data Questionnaire (SDQ). As registration opens, a paper version is sent to schools for students to complete. Paper SDQs are then mailed back to the College Board and merged with the student's online account.

On Test Day

For PSAT-related assessments, each test supervisor will need a copy of the bulk registration memo (indicating the student data provided, e.g. last name, first name, date of birth, address) and a Bulk Registration Supervisor’s Manual; both are included in the label shipment. Test supervisors should use the memo and the Bulk Registration Supervisor’s Manual together when administering the test, as they will direct students to skip sections on the answer sheet for data that was already provided via bulk registration.

For SAT School Day administrations, students must bring their Admission Ticket with them on test day.

After Test Day

Score reports will reflect the data provided as part of bulk registration. Student ID numbers, if provided, will appear with student data, as well as in AP Potential.

SAT School Day takers should be reminded that they have nine days after test day to go online and send their four free score reports.

Additional Resources


Supervisor’s Manual for the PSAT 8/9 with Bulk Registration

Detailed procedures for schools using bulk registration to follow before, during, and after PSAT 8/9 administration. Includes the test day script.


3.51 MB


Supervisor’s Manual for the PSAT/NMSQT with Bulk Registration

Detailed procedures for schools using bulk registration to follow before, during, and after PSAT/NMSQT administration. Includes the test day script.


3.95 MB


SAT School Day Bulk Registration Planning Calendar for Fall 2015

A timetable outlining important activities and dates for SAT School Day, as well as FAQs.


131 KB


PSAT/NMSQT Bulk Registration Planning Calendar

A timetable outlining important activities and dates for PSAT/NMSQT, as well as FAQs.


164 KB


PSAT 8/9 Bulk Registration Planning Calendar

A timetable outlining important activities and dates for PSAT 8/9, as well as FAQs.


174 KB