Test Day Procedures

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Everything you need to run a smooth test day is included in the coordinator manual. Manuals will be mailed to test coordinators before testing and will be available online in the fall.

The coordinator manual includes:

  • Directions monitors must read—without deviation—to students
  • A standard section timing chart
  • Instructions for how to handle irregularities such as those with test materials, student behavior, testing environment, or timing

New Test Policies

Emergency Closings

Contact us to make alternate testing plans if you have to cancel the test because of unexpected problems including bad weather, widespread illness, or building issues.

Administering Tests with Accommodations

Instructions for delivering the test to students with disabilities, including a section timing chart for extended-time testing, are included in the coordinator manual.

Students can't test with accommodations without College Board approval. Scores will be canceled if they do.

Get more information on administering the PSAT-related assessments with accommodations.

Next Step: Return Answer Sheets

You'll need to return completed answer sheets to the College Board as soon as possible. Find out what else you need to do after test day.