When to Take the Tests

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In general, you should take SAT Subject Tests right after you’ve completed the recommended classes, because the material will still be fresh in your mind. In some cases, this may mean spring of your freshman or sophomore year. For the language tests, however, it’s best to take these tests after you’ve studied the language for at least two years.

Go to specific Subject Test pages to check the recommended preparation guidelines for a test and make sure you’ve completed the recommended course work.

Since not all Subject Tests are offered on every test date, check to see when the Subject Tests that you’re interested in are offered.

If you’re thinking of applying early decision or early action to any college, note that many colleges advise that you take the SAT Subject Tests by October or November of your senior year. For regular decision applications, some colleges will accept SAT Subject Test scores through the January administration. Check with the college you’re interested in to find out its deadlines.

Not sure when you should schedule your SAT Subject Tests? Talk to your school counselor or teacher to figure out the timing that works best for you.