Alternate Test Date Policy

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In the case of an unexpected event that conflicts with an SAT test date (which may include SAT Subject Tests administration), schools can request an alternate test date.

We encourage students who expect to participate in competitions that conflict with a test administration date to register for one of the other dates available.

Alternate Test Date Criteria

The SAT Program will consider granting an alternate test date when the following criteria are met:

The conflicting event must be unexpected.

Regularly scheduled sporting events or previously scheduled school activities, such as a prom, are not considered unexpected. An event such as an academic or athletic competition, in which students have advanced through the competition or into postseason competition, can be considered an unexpected event.

The group with a conflicting event must be school sanctioned.

School clubs, teams, or class groups are school sanctioned, whereas private clubs or recreational sports programs are not considered school sanctioned.

The students involved in the event must have been registered for the SAT test date in question prior to learning of the conflict.

Before Making a Request — Items of Note

  • Schools may request no more than two alternate test dates during a school year. SAT honoraria or reimbursement of building expenses are not offered for alternate test date administrations.
  • Alternate test dates can only be offered to students who were registered for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests before the conflict arose.
  • Students in grades nine and below are not eligible for an alternate test date.
  • Only school officials can request an alternate test date.
  • Students and parents should not contact the College Board independently. They must work through their schools to make arrangements. (They may be billed separately for the $28 change fee.)

What Students and Parents Should Know

  • Students testing on makeup and alternate test dates will have delayed access to online copies of their essays, if applicable.
  • The Question-and-Answer Service (available for the SAT only) is not offered for makeup or alternate day tests.
  • Only school officials can request an alternate test date.

How to Make a Request

  1. Submit a request signed by the principal on school letterhead that fully explains the nature of the conflict. Include the regular SAT test date for which an alternate test date is needed and the alternate date you propose to administer the SAT.
  2. The alternate date must fall within the week following the regular SAT test date.
  3. Include a list of students with their registration numbers and test types (including SAT with Essay, SAT, Subject Tests, and Language with Listening Subject tests) for the SAT administration.
  4. Indicate any approved accommodations, such as 50 percent extended time.
  5. Provide your contact information, including email address.
  6. Fax your request to 609-771-7710 (Attention: Alternate Test Date Request). You can also mail it to SAT Program Alternate Test Date Request, P.O. Box 6200, Princeton, NJ 08541-6200.

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