Accessing Scores

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If you’ve already used the portal, just sign in to access scores. Since paper score reports for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests won’t be sent to schools, it’s essential that you can access the portal. Steps for accessing the portal can be found below and on our help page. For direct support, email Customer Service or call 888-728-4357.


When to Expect Scores

Initial Access

Educators need two things to see student scores on the integrated score reporting portal:

  1. A College Board professional account. If you don’t have an account, create one.
  2. Permission from your institution’s access manager to view student scores. Every school, district, and state has an access manager, so ask your test coordinator or principal who to contact.

Once you have access, sign in to the integrated reporting portal to see student scores.

Help for Access Managers

If you see “Manage Access to Support K-12 Assessment Reporting” under Tools and Services when you sign in to your College Board professional account, you’re ready to create user accounts and assign access levels.

If you don’t see this when you sign in, learn how to enter your access code.

The College Board sent access codes to institutions. If you don’t have an access code, check with your test coordinator or principal. If they don’t have one, email Customer Service or call 888-728-4357.

Student Access

Students go to to sign in to their College Board account and view their online score report. If they don’t have an account yet, they’ll have the option to sign up for one.

Students who have trouble getting their scores might need to enter their student ID or SAT registration number. You’ll find these in your SAT data file in column Z (Student ID) and column AP (SAT Registration Number).

For help from the College Board, students can: