Fee Waivers and Extra Free Reports

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If you're eligible for an SAT fee waiver, you can send as many score reports as you want—even if you didn’t use a fee waiver when you registered for the test. See if you’re eligible.

When to Use Your Score Reports

They're flexible. Use your unlimited free score reports at registration or at any time after you take an SAT Program test, as long as you're still in high school.

How to Use Your Score Reports

  1. Sign in to your College Board online account.
  2. If you've registered for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests using an SAT fee waiver, you'll automatically get your unlimited score reports.
  3. If you've registered without using an SAT fee waiver but are eligible for one, talk to your counselor about getting a fee waiver. When you get it, call the SAT Program and give us the fee waiver code and the registration information from your most recent test date.
  4. Send score reports to colleges or other organizations—here's how.