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Which of the following statements is supported by the table below?

Percentage of 18-22 Year Olds of Working-Class Backgrounds Enrolled in Institutions of Higher Learning in 1960

Country Percentage
Yugoslavia 56.0%
Czechoslovakia 39.3%
Poland 32.9%
Great Britain 25.0%
France 5.3%
West Germany 5.2%

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A private enterprise system provided the greatest access for students to higher education.

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European women and men had equal access to higher education.

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In Eastern Europe the nationalization of industry had not displaced the former ruling classes from their social prominence.

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Students from working-class backgrounds in Eastern Europe had greater access to higher education than did students from similar backgrounds in Western Europe.

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Students in Eastern and Western Europe had approximately equal access to higher education.

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The Eastern European countries on the list were Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and Poland; the Western European countries were Great Britain, France, and West Germany. A larger percentage of students were from working class backgrounds in Eastern Europe than was the case in Western Europe. This difference was in part due to the communist philosophy prevailing in the regimes of Eastern Europe that the working class was the most "historically progressive" class.

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