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Subject Test French with Listening

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In this part of the test you will hear several short selections. A tone will announce each new selection. The selections will not be printed in your test booklet and will be heard only once. At the end of each selection, you will be asked one or two questions about what was said, each followed by three possible answers, (A), (B), and (C). The answers are not printed in your test booklet on the actual test. You will hear them only once. Select the best answer.

The script you see here is provided as supplemental information, but would not be available in an actual test.

(Man A) Bon, c’est d’accord. Nous allons d’abord voir un film, puis retrouver Anne et Sophie au café de la gare. On se rencontre à dix-neuf heures devant le cinéma, entendu?
(Man B) C’est ça. À ce soir.
(5 seconds)

Qu’est-ce que les deux amis vont faire ensemble?

(A) Prendre le train
(B) Aller au cinéma
(C) Écouter des disques

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The question asks what the friends are going to do together. The man says, “Nous allons d’abord voir un film" (First, we are going to see a movie); the friends are going to go to the cinema (B). They are not going to take the train (A) or listen to records (C).

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