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Subject Test French with Listening

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In this part of the test you will hear four sentences, designated (A), (B), (C), and (D). They will not be printed in your test booklet on the actual test. As you listen, look at the picture and select the choice that best reflects what you see in the picture or what someone in the picture might say. You will hear the choices only once.

The script you see here is provided as supplemental information, but would not be available in an actual test.


(A)   C’est bien, la musique en plein air!
(B)   Ces gens écoutent un discours passionnant.
(C)   Ces gens se plaignent du bruit.
(D)   Cette salle de concert a une bonne acoustique. 
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The picture shows people playing music outdoors; therefore, choice (A), C’est bien, la musique en plein air! (It is good, outdoor music!), is the correct answer. Choice (B) refers to a speech, but the musicians are playing music, not making a speech. Choice (C) refers to people complaining about noise, but the people seem to be enjoying the music. Choice (D) refers to a concert hall, but the musicians are playing outdoors, not in a concert hall.

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