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Subject Test French with Listening

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In this part of the test you will hear several short selections. A tone will announce each new selection. The selections will not be printed in your test booklet and will be heard only once. At the end of each selection, you will be asked one or two questions about what was said, each followed by three possible answers, (A), (B), and (C). The answers are not printed in your test booklet on the actual test. You will hear them only once. Select the best answer.

The script you see here is provided as supplemental information, but would not be available in an actual test.

(Man) Regarde cette voiture rouge. Qu'est-ce qu'elle est belle!
(Woman) Moi, je préfère la noire.
(Man) Ah bon? Pourquoi?
(Woman) Parce qu'elle ne consomme pas autant d'essence
(Man) Oui, mais elle n'est pas aussi rapide.
(Woman) D'accord, mais elle est bien moins chère!

Pourquoi la femme préfère-t-elle la voiture noire?

(A) Elle est plus jolie.
(B) Elle est plus économique.
(C) Elle est plus rapide.

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The question asks why the woman prefers the black car. She says parce qu'elle ne consomme pas autant d'essence ("because it doesn't use as much gas"). Therefore, (B) Elle est plus économique ("It's more economical") is the best answer. (A) indicates that the car is more attractive and (C) that it's faster; these are not the reasons the woman gives, so these choices are incorrect.

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