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This paragraph has numbered blanks indicating that words or phrases have been omitted. First read through the entire passage. Then, for each numbered blank, choose the completion that is most appropriate given the context of the entire paragraph.


Solange ich ihn (14) , ist er immer pünktlich (15) ; ich verstehe (16) nicht, warum er uns diesmal im (17) gelassen hat.

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Select the most appropriate completion from the options below for blank (14).


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It is helpful to read the entire sentence with the four blanks in order to get an overall sense of what the situation is. The words immer pünktlich, verstehe … nicht, warum, and gelassen suggest that someone who is usually on time has uncharacteristically failed to show up. The first phrase requires the correctly conjugated form of the verb “to know” in the sense of knowing the person; German uses the verb kennen to express that meaning. The subject ich requires the first-person singular form of the verb, or kenne (B). Note that weiβ/wissen (A) expresses “to know” in the sense of knowing some piece of information, verstehe (C) means “to know” in the sense of understanding something, and kann/können means “to know” in the sense of knowing a language or a skill: Ich kann Deutsch (I know [how to speak] German).

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