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Read the following text carefully for comprehension. Each text on the exam is followed by one or more questions or incomplete statements. Select the answer or completion that is best according to the text.

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Several lines appear in the image. A line on top reads "Cebion® è vitamina C." A line below that reads "Cebion ti aiuta." A smaller line near the bottom of the image reads "È un medicinale, usare con cautela."

Questo prodotto si deve usare

ogni giorno

Correct Answer: 

con la vitamina C

Correct Answer: 

prima dei pasti

Correct Answer: 

con cura

Correct Answer: 

The correct answer is choice (D) con cura. The advertisement states explicitly that Cebion should be used con cautela, “with caution.” The phrase con cura is synonymous with con cautela. Though it might be common for medicines and supplements to be taken (A) ogni giorno, “every day,” or (C) prima dei pasti, “before meals,” the advertisement does not discuss this. It would not make sense for Cebion to be taken (C) con la vitamina C, because according to the advertisement it is vitamin C.

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