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Subject Test Spanish with Listening

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In this part of the test you will hear several short conversations or parts of conversations, followed by four choices, designated (A), (B), (C), and (D). After you hear the four choices, choose the one that most logically continues or completes the conversation. Neither the conversations nor the choices will be printed in your test booklet on the actual test.

The script you see here is provided as supplemental information, but would not be available in an actual test.

(Woman)   ¿Algo más, señor? Tenemos unas ofertas especiales hoy.
(Man)   No, gracias. ¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta de crédito?
(Woman)   (A) Claro que sí.
    (B) Salga usted ahora mismo.
    (C) No aceptamos monedas.
    (D) No, no tengo cambio.

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The woman asks the man if he would like to buy anything else. The man says no and asks if he can use a credit card to pay for his items. Choice (A) is the most appropriate response; it is likely that the woman would answer the man’s question by saying Claro que sí (Of course you may). Choice (B) is an inappropriate response because the woman orders the man to leave at once. Choice (C) We do not accept coins and choice (D) No, I do not have change are also inappropriate responses because the man does not intend to use bills or coins to pay for his items.

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