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Subject Test Spanish with Listening

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In this part of the test you will hear a series of selections. For each selection (on the actual test), you will see printed in your test booklet one or more questions with four possible answers. They will not be spoken. Select the best answer to each question from among the four choices printed. You will have twelve seconds to answer each question.

The script you see here is provided as supplemental information, but would not be available in an actual test.

(Narrator)   Escuchen esta conversación en la taquilla del Teatro Colón.
(Man)   Buenas tardes, señorita. ¿Todavía hay entradas para el programa del sábado? Necesito dos.
(Woman)   No, ya no quedan.
(Man)   Entonces, ¿para el domingo?
(Woman)   Ah, sí, para el domingo sí hay.
(Man)   ¿Es el mismo programa?
(Woman)   No, es diferente; es un concierto de música clásica.
(Man)   Entonces, deme dos entradas, por favor.

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¿Qué programa presentan el domingo?

una comedia

Correct Answer: 

una ópera

Correct Answer: 

un concierto

Correct Answer: 

un ballet

Correct Answer: 

The man asks if the same show is offered on Sunday, but the woman says that there is a classical music concert on Sunday. Choice (C), un concierto (a concert), is correct. The woman does not say that there will be a comedy (A), an opera (B) or a ballet (D) presented on Sunday. 

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