CD Player Policy

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If you’re taking a Language with Listening Subject Test, you must bring a CD player on test day. The listening section of the test is on CD.

CD Player Rules

  • You may not share a CD player with another test-taker.
  • If the volume on your CD player disturbs other test-takers, the test center coordinator may ask you to lower the volume or move to another seat.
  • If your CD player malfunctions:
  • If you are given a defective CD on test day, raise your hand and ask the coordinator for a replacement.

Acceptable CD Players

The CD player you bring to the test:

  • Must be equipped with headphones
  • Must be portable (handheld)
  • Must be battery operated (power cords are not allowed)
  • Cannot have recording or duplicating capabilities

CD Player Tips

  • Make sure your CD player works well before test day.
  • Install fresh batteries shortly before test day.
  • Bring extra batteries and, if possible, a backup CD player.