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Implementation Options

There are three main approaches to supporting students using Official SAT Practice. Districts or schools can decide which is the best approach—or combination of approaches—to implement Official SAT Practice at their school.

Independent Practice: Students practice individually or in study groups at home. Parent involvement is essential to encouraging independent practice.

Extracurricular Practice: Students practice in study hall, after-school sessions, or with a community-based organization.

Teacher-Guided Practice: Students practice in class, using Official SAT Practice as a learning tool. Teachers incorporate independent practice into the class period and answer student questions.

Training Materials

The following materials explain how to implement Official SAT Practice.

Best Practice Guide: This educator brief describes how schools can help students make the most of Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® both during and after school.

Professional Development Module for Educators: This PowerPoint presentation explains how you can help students use Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy and where they can get free, personalized practice recommendations.

Coach Tools and Lesson Plans: SAT coach tools and lesson plans help you support your students as they prepare for the SAT or PSAT/NMSQT. You can see which SAT skills your class needs the most help with. For each skill, we provide a lesson plan developed by teachers, for teachers, to help you incorporate SAT content into your daily classwork.

Get More Help: Contact your local College Board representative for assistance in setting up trainings and putting Official SAT Practice into action at your school or district.

Tools for using OSP during the school day:

Tools for using Official SAT Practice after school: