Admission Tickets

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The printed admission ticket confirms that a student is registered to take a specified test on a specified date, at a specified test center, and it confirms students are who they say they are. Students must bring their printed ticket to the test center for admittance—electronic copies are not accepted.

Before allowing students into the test center, coordinators validate a student's identity using:

  • The student's appearance
  • The student's photo ID
  • The student's admission ticket
  • A roster that includes photos submitted during registration

Make Sure Students Get In

Admission ticket information must match the testing roster or students can't take the test. Learn how students should update and print their admission ticket.

How Students Get Admission Tickets

Online Registration

Students who register online:

  • Print their admission ticket immediately upon completing registration.
  • Receive email confirmation of their registration.

Phone Registration

Students who provide an email address are sent a link to their online admission ticket by email. They must print their admission ticket and bring it on test day.

Corrections and Changes

Students must reprint their admission ticket if they made any changes to their registration information. Refer students to Changing Your Registration for information about what can be changed, deadlines, and related fees.

Students can change their registration information and print their admission ticket online in their free College Board accounts.

Once signed in, students:

  1. Click Print Admission Ticket.
  2. Update the information as necessary.
  3. Print the admission ticket.

Missing Admission Tickets

Students who are unable to retrieve their admission tickets online should call Customer Service.

Students with Disabilities

If changes are required in a registered student's testing accommodations, contact College Board Services for Students with Disabilities at least two and a half weeks before the test date.