SAT School Day

Offer the SAT to juniors and seniors in school, on a school day.

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About SAT School Day

Learn about the SAT School Day program and its benefits for your students.

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Testing Basics

Key information educators need to know to administer SAT School Day.

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Our ordering site lets staff submit and manage orders online.

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Timeline to Test Day

Review all important dates and deadlines for SAT School Day administrations.

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After Test Day

How to return test materials and compute your school's test fees.

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Students with Disabilities

Learn about our new streamlined process for requesting testing accommodations.

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SAT State Contracts

Learn about the benefits of participating in an SAT School Day contract.

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SAT School Day FAQs

Get details about SAT School Day materials, billing, and more.

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Educator Downloads

Download SAT School Day materials that support you and your students.

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