SAT State Contracts

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The SAT School Day program supports states in meeting their assessment needs and reducing the overall in-school testing time for students.


An SAT School Day contract provides benefits to students, educators, and administrators:

  • SAT scores provide valid insight into the reading, writing and language, and math skills that students have gained in preparation for college and career.
  • Educators, school administrators, and students can access online, interactive score reports that inform instructional improvements.
  • State assessment teams have support from College Board experts who have extensive experience supporting large-scale assessment programs.
  • SAT scores can be integrated into state and federal accountability systems.
  • SAT scores are accepted by all U.S. colleges.

Testing Supports for English Learners

To make the SAT even more accessible to students, the College Board has worked with educators and state partners to provide testing supports for English learners (EL).

EL students taking a state-funded SAT during the school day have access to testing instructions in several native languages and approved word-to-word bilingual glossaries.


In 2019-20, 11 states will use SAT School Day to measure student achievement under the Every Student Succeeds Act. For more information, please contact your regional College Board office.

Implementation Support

Incorporating a test into a state assessment program can be challenging. As part of our SAT School Day contracts, we provide additional support to our state clients to ensure a smooth implementation.

  • Our support teams work closely with states to develop plans that guide communication with stakeholders, contingency planning, and the overall implementation.
  • Our extensive support resources ensure that educators and administrators know what processes they need to follow before, during, and after test day.
  • Our technical documentation provides expertly crafted evidence to support the validity and reliability of our assessments.

Contact your College Board regional office for information on how we can support your SAT School Day implementation.