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Ordering and Materials

We will send the ordering access code to your test coordinator in early June 2020. If you need help with your school’s access code, contact us.

You can update any of your school's information by going to our test ordering site and visiting your school's profile page.

  1. Log in to your school’s test ordering site.
  2. Click the Order Tests button at the top of your ordering dashboard.
  3. Follow the easy four-step ordering process.

Note: You will not receive an email confirmation once you place or edit an order. Use your ordering dashboard to track the progress of your order. Visit our our test ordering site for more information about ordering test materials.

SAT School Day reduced test fees are $8 for the SAT.

You are no longer required to request fee reduction benefits for students prior to test day. You will still be able to identify eligible students during the invoicing process.

As soon as we send a shipment, you should be able to see the tracking information for the test on your ordering dashboard.

No, you can’t order materials after the deadline. However, if you don’t have enough test materials, please contact us as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs but can’t guarantee materials will arrive before test day.

If you need more test materials, visit your test ordering dashboard and edit your order. You can edit your order up until the ordering deadline for the test.

Please contact us immediately and wait for further instructions if you believe you’ve received incorrect materials.

About 2–3 weeks before the administration, your school should receive a shipment with student guides and answer sheets to use with preadministration sessions.

Less than a week before the test, your school should receive the test booklets.

Please refer to the Timeline to Test Day for specific "arrive by" dates for each shipment.

Lock the test materials in a secure area that only the coordinator and school administrators can access. Before test day, check to make sure the materials haven’t been tampered with. If it looks like they have, contact Test Administrative Services immediately.

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Preparing for Test Administration

The SAT test center coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the School Day administration, including:

  • Conducting a preadministration session, coordinating rooms and staff for test day, and receiving and securing test materials.
  • The distribution of materials, monitoring all test day activities and staff, packing and returning test materials, and completing Coordinator Irregularity Reports.
  • Placing orders for all test materials through our test ordering site.
  • Coordinating staff to serve as proctors, monitors, and hall monitors.

The coordinator will be the main point of contact for the College Board and ETS and will receive all their communications.

If you’re the SAT coordinator for your school, you’ll be able to take the online School Day training about six weeks before test day. We’ll email you a link to the training once it becomes available. We’ll send email reminders to all coordinators who haven’t completed the training.

Yes. We need all SAT test center coordinators to complete the training to make sure test day goes smoothly. If you’ve taken the training before, we ask that you take it again because we've made some changes to the administration process that should make things easier for you. While we don’t require associate coordinators to take the training, we strongly encourage them to do so.

The preadministration session saves you time on test day because it allows students to fill out the Student Data Questionnaire in advance, get an SAT guide that includes an overview of the exam process and information about free practice resources, and decide where to send their four free score sends directly on their answer sheet.

You should consider the number of students taking the test, the number of test rooms you’ll need, and the number of students in each room to determine your staffing needs. You’ll find more details on staffing in the “Determining Who Will Administer the Test” section of the SAT Supervisor Manual, p. 10.

Good news! You don’t have to preregister students for the exam anymore. During the preadministration session, just make sure students provide their identifying information on their answer sheet. When we receive the answer sheets after the exam, we’ll create College Board accounts for each student.

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Test Day Troubleshooting

Walk through each test room and make sure seating arrangements and walls adhere to our security standards. Coordinators should be prepared to monitor an exam in case the designated monitor is unable to do so.

Whenever a test irregularity occurs, you should ask the proctor assigned to the test room to complete an irregularity report. Follow the instructions in the coordinator manual about how to return the irregularity report with other test materials.

As long as you have enough test materials, the student can take the test. Students can complete the Student Data Questionnaire after the test.

You'll find detailed instructions on how to return your test materials in the coordinator manual.

If the courier doesn’t arrive at the scheduled time, call UPS to reschedule or drop off the materials to the closest UPS location no later than the day after the exam.

After your school administers the primary test, go to the test ordering site and enter the number of makeup tests needed. You can order makeup tests up to two days after the primary test date.

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Scores and Billing

You can access your students' scores through the online K–12 Reporting Portal. Scores are available 3–4 weeks after test day.

Please contact us immediately if you think any scores are missing or contain errors.

After student answer sheets are processed, go to the test ordering site and click the Enter Invoice Information button. You will eventually be provided with a fee reduction benefit student roster. Click on the name of each student eligible for fee reductions in the roster. The invoice page will have rosters of tested students uploaded and you'll be able to "click a student" who is eligible for a fee reduction.

No. The two free SAT registrations are used in addition to SAT School Day, and only for weekend administrations.

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