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SAT School Day coordinators can use our website to place, manage, and review all test material orders within a single dashboard. Ordering for fall SAT School Day is available in June 2021, and ordering for spring SAT School Day is available in late fall.

Schools can use the ordering site to manage their account and order test materials directly, reducing the time and additional paperwork needed to support their SAT School Day administration. This is the same ordering system that schools use to order PSAT-related assessments.

Through the website, schools can:

  • Place and manage standard and accommodated test orders
  • Order student guides
  • Verify materials ordered
  • Apply SAT School Day benefits to low-income students after test day
  • Order test materials for the makeup date (on test day)

How to Order

SAT School Day coordinators need two things to order:

  1. An account at ordering.collegeboard.org. If you’ve used this website before to order PSAT-related assessments, sign in with the same username and password. If this is your first time ordering, sign up for an account.
  2. Your school name and access code.

If you've ordered PSAT-related tests online but won't be ordering SAT School Day materials, share your school's access code with the person who will be the SAT School Day coordinator for your school.

See all ordering dates and deadlines.

Ordering Accommodated Tests

The College Board uses a streamlined process for requesting testing accommodations for students with disabilities to reduce the time and paperwork necessary to submit an accommodations request.

Learn about ordering accommodated materials.