Ordering Tests Online

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Online ordering opens in April 2017. Check back here for more information about how to order tests for SAT School Day in the coming weeks.

New in April 2017: Order Tests Online

For SAT School Day in 2017-18, ordering tests will be easier than ever. Test materials will be ordered through the College Board’s online ordering website. This is the same ordering system that districts and schools use to order PSAT-related assessments.

Through the ordering website, schools and districts will be able to:

  • Manage test orders
  • Verify materials ordered
  • Order test materials for the makeup date

Less Paperwork, Less Time

Time-consuming manual paperwork has been eliminated (no more Test Center Intake Forms or Center Master Forms). The online ordering website allows school and district staff to manage their accounts and test material orders directly, reducing the time and additional paperwork needed to support their school day administration.