Students with Disabilities

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Making sure that students with disabilities can test with accommodations is important to us. Students who need to take the SAT using accommodated materials or other accommodations must be approved to do so by Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

Ordering Accommodated Formats

You can order accommodated test formats for students who need them through the ordering website.

The following formats can be ordered online:

  • Large-print test book
  • Braille test book
  • Braille with raised line drawings
  • Prerecorded audio (MP3)
  • Reader script
  • Assistive technology–compatible
  • Large-block answer sheet

You can only order accommodated materials for students whose requests for accommodations were approved by SSD. Consult with your SSD coordinator to determine which students need to test with accommodations. We strongly encourage SAT School Day coordinators to wait to place test orders until they verify with their SSD coordinator that all student accommodations have been approved.

Once you’ve logged in, the ordering site will display a roster of students who have been approved for accommodations. When you select a student from the roster, the accommodated materials that need to be ordered for that student will be displayed.

If a student doesn’t appear on the roster of students, it means that the student may not have been approved or the SSD accommodations review is still in progress. Continue to check the status for students who may not immediately appear on your roster.

See all SSD dates and deadlines.

Simplified Accommodations Requests

The College Board uses a streamlined process for requesting testing accommodations for students. We believe that school staff know their students best, and we wanted to reduce the time and paperwork needed to submit an accommodations request.

The vast majority of students who are approved for testing accommodations at their school through a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan will have those same accommodations automatically approved for SAT School Day.

Under this policy, school testing accommodation coordinators need to answer only two questions when submitting most requests:

  • Is the requested accommodation(s) in the student’s plan?
  • Has the student used the accommodation(s) for school testing?

If the answer is "yes" to both questions, eligible students can be approved to receive most accommodations on College Board exams. This process reduces the approval time for an overwhelming majority of accommodation requests. Learn more about the changes for requesting accommodations.

Test Day Procedures

Students testing with accommodations who don't require special test formats (such as braille or large print) will use the regular test book. SAT School Day coordinators will need to determine the number of testing rooms required on test day based on the types of accommodations provided to their students. The Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR), which can be printed from SSD Online by the SSD coordinator, will assist you in planning for rooms.

In some situations, students testing with accommodations may test within a two-week testing window. Students approved for accommodations that permit two-day testing must test on consecutive days.