Testing Basics

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Get ready to give the SAT as part of an SAT School Day administration.

Testing Time

All students must test in school, starting at the same time in the morning, and completing before lunch is scheduled.

Test Actual Testing Time Administration Activities Time Total Time
SAT 3 hours 50 minutes (approximately) 3 hours and 50 minutes
SAT with Essay 3 hours and 50 minutes 50 minutes (approximately) 4 hours and 40 minutes

Participate in Preadministration

We strongly encourage schools to hold preadministration sessions with students. Having students complete preadministration activities before test day allows them to focus on what matters most. It also reduces the testing time for students and educators on test day.

In a preadministration session you:

  • Distribute student guides so students can learn what to expect on test day.
  • Have students fill out their identifying information early to reduce test administration time and extra test day activities.
  • Work with students to determine where they will send their four free score reports to colleges and scholarship programs.

Learn when preadministration materials will arrive at your school.

Using Answer Sheets to Send Scores

Students can indicate the colleges or scholarship programs they’d like to send their four free score reports to directly on their answer sheet. Use your preadministration session to prepare them for this important decision.


Schools participating in SAT School Day are subject to the following fees:

2021-22 School Year

Test Test Fee Unused Test Fee Reduced Test Fee
SAT $55 per student Fall 2021: Unused test fees apply

Spring 2022: Unused test fees apply
$8 per income-eligible student

Schools participating in an SAT School Day contract aren't charged test fees for contracted grades or unused test fees.

Benefits for Students Using Fee Reductions

Students using SAT School Day fee reductions can receive test benefits through their College Board accounts, just like eligible students who take the SAT during the weekend.

  • First, educators must identify income-eligible students on the test ordering site.
  • Then, when students log in to their College Board accounts, they'll verify their eligibility and get access to their benefits dashboard.

See eligibility criteria and details about benefits.

After Test Day

It's critical to return all answer sheets and test books (used and unused) to College Board no later than the next school day after test day.