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The Best Practice Is Free and Personalized

Official SAT Practice focuses on exactly what you need to work on most.

Practice now.


  • Interactive problems
  • Video lessons
  • Full-length practice tests
  • Personalized study plan
  • Instant SAT Essay feedback

Make the Most of Your Practice

Practicing on Khan Academy® can help you improve your SAT scores—and could lead to college scholarships.


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More time spent on Official SAT Practice is associated with greater SAT scores. But how you spend your time on the platform really matters.

Make the most of your time on Official SAT Practice with these three best practices:

  1. Follow your personalized practice recommendations.
  2. Take a full-length practice test.
  3. Level up your skills.

On average, students who used Official SAT Practice for 6+ hours and demonstrated at least one of these best practices scored an additional 39 points higher on the SAT than students who didn't use Official SAT Practice.

SAT Achievement Associated with Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy

Learn more about the best practices:

Best Practices for SAT Practice Success (.pdf/573 KB)

Best Practices for SAT Practice Success—Spanish (.pdf/2.72 MB)

Executive Summary: Official SAT Practice Technical Report (.pdf/521 KB)

Real Students Make Real Progress

"I would tell other students to try the Official SAT Practice before doing any other prep, because the free Official Prep helped me a lot more than the paid classes did."

—Nashrah; improved her SAT score by 130 points


"What I liked most about the Official SAT Practice was how much it was similar to the actual test. From the questions to the timer, I felt like I was actually taking the SAT."

—Ayomikun; improved her SAT score by 70 points


"Official SAT Practice is one of the easiest ways to study what you need to, and not waste time on the things that you don't."

—Nathan; improved his SAT score by 90 points


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