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A-Z: The SAT in Ohio

The University of Akron, Zane State College, and 178 other Ohio colleges and universities accept the SAT. So do thousands more across the country.​

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The College Board and the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) have partnered to let districts and community schools choose the SAT as the state-funded college admission test for juniors.

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Two Administrations, Two Formats, One Choice

Choose an administration that meets your schedule and technology capabilities.

Districts can choose digital or paper testing for all schools in their district. For both digital and paper, all testing (primary, accommodated, and makeup) takes place in spring 2020.

March: Paper or digital testing is available. Schools administer the standard paper SAT on a single date but can administer the standard digital SAT during a testing window. Test questions and answers aren't disclosed after testing.

March Testing Dates
Date Event
March 4, 2020 Paper primary test day
March 4-6, 2020 Digital primary testing window
March 4-17, 2020 Paper and digital accommodated testing window for students with certain accommodations
March 25, 2020 Paper and digital makeup test day

April: You can choose either paper or digital testing. Test questions and answers are disclosed after testing for students that test on April 14.

April Testing Dates
Date Event
April 14, 2020 Paper primary test day
April 14–16, 2020 Digital primary testing window
April 14-27, 2020 Paper and digital accommodated testing window for students with certain accommodations
April 28, 2020 Paper and digital makeup test day

2019-20 Ohio SAT School Day Important Dates

Ohio SAT School Day implementation activities will be posted in fall 2019.

Spring 2020 Ohio SAT School Day Administration—Key Dates
Activity Mode March Administration April Administration
Deadline for surveys that establish schools for testing and identify testing staff Paper and Digital    
Overview webinar available Paper and Digital October 21, 2019 October 21, 2019
Accommodations and supports webinar available Paper and Digital November 11, 2019 November 11, 2019
List of approved word-to-word glossaries available on Paper and Digital September 9, 2019 September 9, 2019
Test coordinator receives AI code confirmation Paper and Digital January 2020 January 2020
Deadline to submit off-site testing plans Paper and Digital December 20, 2019 December 20, 2019
Bulk registration access codes sent to bulk registration coordinator Paper and Digital January 2020 January 2020
Bulk registration webinar available Paper and Digital January 6, 2020 January 6, 2020
State-allowed accommodations (SAA) request window opens Paper and Digital January 14, 2020 January 14, 2020
English Learner 50% extended time window opens Paper and Digital January 14, 2020 January 14, 2020
Online coordinator training available Paper January 2020 February 2020
Deadline to submit first bulk registration file Paper and Digital January 10, 2020 February 7, 2020
Deadline to submit accommodations requests Paper and Digital January 14, 2020 February 24, 2020
Coordinators given access to TIDE Digital January 2020 February 2020
Coordinator's planning kit arrives Paper January 2020 February 2020
Translated test directions will be available for printing on Paper and Digital February 2020 February 2020
Preadministration materials and pre-ID labels arrive Paper February 2020 March 2020
Digital materials arrive Digital February 2020 March 2020
Testing tips webinar Paper and Digital February 25, 2020 February 25, 2020
Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR) is available Paper and Digital February 5, 2020 March 17, 2020
Test materials arrive Paper and Digital February 2020 April 2020
Deadline to submit additional bulk registration file(s) Paper and Digital TBD TBD
Primary test date—Paper Paper March 4 April 14
Primary testing window—Digital Digital March 4-6 April 14-16
Deadline to order makeup materials Paper March 6 April 16
Accommodated testing window for students designated on the NAR Paper and Digital March 4–17 April 14–27
Makeup test date Paper and Digital March 28 April 28
Scores are released Paper and Digital April 2020 May 2020

Implementation Trainings

The College Board will offer multiple webinars during the 2019-20 school year to prepare staff for test day. These pre-recorded webinars will be available on demand:

  • Implementation Overview webinar, available in October 2019
  • Accommodations and Supports webinar, available in November 2019
  • Bulk Registration webinar, available in January 2020
  • Testing Tips webinar, available in February 2020

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Fact: Your students already know the SAT. Many Ohio students are already familiar with the SAT because they took the PSAT/NMSQT in 2018-19, when over 90,000 students took the PSAT/NMSQT. They can access world-class, personalized practice through Khan Academy® to get ready for the SAT—for free.

Fact: All Ohio public colleges and universities accept the SAT. According to the 2018-19 Ohio Public University Guide, all public college and universities accept the SAT for their college entrance exam requirement. And 166 private institutions accept the SAT.

About the SAT

Learn more by using these online resources:

Learn how students can benefit:

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A district that chooses digital testing must administer the digital SAT to all students in the district, unless a student needs a paper test accommodation.

Digital testing is available for the primary test dates, accommodated testing window, and the makeup dates in spring 2020. We use the AIR platform for digital testing that Ohio districts are already familiar with.

Learn more about administering the SAT digitally.

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Making sure that students with disabilities can test with accommodations is important to us. Students who need to take the SAT using nonstandard materials or other accommodations must be approved to do so by Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

All requests are considered. To use accommodations, students must be approved in SSD Online.

Setting Up an Account

SSD coordinators oversee aspects of the SAT administration for students testing with accommodations.

SSD coordinators use SSD Online to request accommodations for students. To access the system, they must:

  • Have a College Board professional account.
  • Complete the SSD Coordinator Form (.pdf/215 KB). If you have multiple SSD coordinators, each needs to fill out a separate form.
  • Get an access code to link their SSD Online account to their College Board professional account (first time only). It takes one to two days to receive the access code.

You can submit requests for accommodations once you receive your school's attending institution (AI) and SSD Online access codes, and you've established your SSD coordinator(s).

Accommodations Requests

The College Board uses a new streamlined process for requesting testing accommodations for students. School staff know their students best, and we want to cut down on time and paperwork.

Most students approved for testing accommodations at their school through a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan have those same accommodations automatically approved for SAT School Day.

All accommodations requests are submitted through SSD Online. There are two types of requests:

  • College Board accommodations: Students with College Board‒approved accommodations receive scores that can be reported to colleges. Once approved for accommodations, a student remains approved for all College Board tests, with limited exceptions.
  • State-allowed accommodations (SAA): These are state-specific accommodations defined by the ODE. Students, schools, and the state receive scores. Please note scores aren’t valid for college admission or for Ohio remediation free scores. These accommodations apply to state testing only and must be requested for each state administration.

Students who use accommodations for other state testing must still secure accommodations for the SAT through the SSD approval process.

Contact SSD

Email SSD or call 855-373-6387.

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English learners can use word-to-word bilingual glossaries, translated test directions, and 50% extended time during SAT School Day.

Learn more about English learner supports.

Updated translated test directions for both the paper and digital SAT will be available in February 2020.

 File for Download

Word-to-Word Glossaries for the SAT Suite of Assessments

A list of College Board-approved glossaries for student use during test administrations.


389 KB


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Test Coordinator and SSD Coordinator Resources

Webinars and Training Modules

The following resources will be available in the coming months:

  • Ohio 2020 Bulk Registration Webinar (January 2020)
  • Testing Tips Webinar (February 2020)
File for Download

Hall and Room Monitor Training

An optional training test coordinators can give to hall and room monitors.


363 KB

2019 Ohio Implementation Workshop: Sign in and use this workshop to learn about SAT School Day.

Ohio SAT School Day Implementation Module (Digital Testing): General information about digital testing for Ohio SAT School Day.

Ohio SAT School Day Implementation Module (Paper Testing): General information about paper testing for Ohio SAT School Day.


The following resources will be available in the coming months:

  • Ohio SAT School Day Coordinator Manual (February 2020)
  • Ohio SAT School Day Standard Testing Manual (February 2020)
  • Ohio SAT School Day Accommodated Testing Manual (February 2020)
  • SSD Coordinator Implementation Handbook (Fall 2019)

Get resources for digital testing.

File for Download

2019-20 Ohio SAT School Day Coordinator Handbook

Detailed information for Ohio test coordinators about preparing schools for SAT School Day. Includes instructions for submitting registration files, receiving materials, and other activities.


261 KB

Other Resources for Coordinators

 File for Download

Ohio Student ID Form

Students who do not have government- or school-issued IDs may use this form.


80 MB

 File for Download

Guide to Accessing the Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR)

A one page guide instructing states and districts how to access the list of all students with approved accommodations.


239 KB

File for Download

SAT School Day Testing Staff Agreement

A form for testing staff to review and sign before administering tests.


108 KB

Additional Resources

Here's a sample of other educator resources created to support an SAT School Day administration:

Find more resources for K–12 educators

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Questions? Want more about the SAT in Ohio? Email us.

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