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Texas offers funding for the SAT for public school students during the spring of junior year or anytime during senior year. Join over 1,000 Texas schools that are offering SAT School Day!

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The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is offering school districts and open-enrollment charter schools reimbursement for a college preparatory assessment, such as the SAT, taken during spring of a student’s junior year or anytime during their senior year. TEA has partnered with College Board to offer a discounted rate for SAT School Day for Texas public school students in the eligible grade levels. Visit the TEA for more details.


Deadlines October 13 SAT School Day October 28 SAT School Day March 2 SAT School Day March 23 SAT School Day April 13 SAT School Day April 26 SAT School Day
Deadline to submit testing accommodation requests for students with disabilities. August 24 September 8 January 11 February 1 February 22 March 7
Deadline to place or modify a test order.
Deadline to request extended time for English learners.
September 15 September 24 January 28 February 18 March 11 March 25
Most Scores Available November 4 November 19 March 25 April 18 May 5 May 20
  • Your students already know the SAT. Nearly 90% of Texas students are familiar with the SAT because they took the PSAT/NMSQT during the fall of their sophomore or junior year. They can access world-class, personalized practice through Khan Academy® to get ready for the SAT—for free.
  • All Texas colleges and universities accept the SAT. All public and private colleges and universities accept the SAT for their college entrance exam.
  • Cultivates a college-going culture and supports equity. When students have the opportunity to take the SAT at their own school, they're more likely to take the test and gain access to higher education. Benefits for low-income students include unlimited free score reports and waived application fees at participating colleges.
  • The SAT Suite Question Bank provides targeted practice. The question bank lets educators access over 3,500 questions from the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 assessments.
  • Continuously improve outcomes. All tests in the SAT Suite share a common score scale and are appropriate for their designated grade levels. This makes it easy to track performance across tests to measure growth and identify areas where students need help. Our interactive reporting portal makes it easy to view integrated data across the SAT Suite. Go to the K–12 score reporting portal.
  • Simple to order. The entire SAT Suite of Assessments—including the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9—are available to order online, all in one place, with the ability to administer multiple assessments at the same time. For SAT School Day, you can order for any number of students and select from six administration dates.

Learn more by using these online resources:

Learn how students can benefit:

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SAT School Day Implementation Resources: Resources that support educators on SAT School Day.

Registration: Unlike the weekend SAT, students don’t have to preregister for SAT School Day. Schools simply order the quantity of exams they need and SAT registrations are generated when schools return their answer sheets for scoring.

Test Ordering: A brief demonstration of the test ordering site is available to help you become familiar with the update to the system. Additional information can be found on the help page.

Billing: By default, individual schools are billed for test ordering costs. Within the test ordering site, districts can opt for district-level billing. Schools are billed based on the number of answer sheets returned for scoring. Invoices are sent a few weeks after testing. SAT fee reductions don't apply.

Districts will receive estimated funding annually for assessment reimbursement. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) will arrange payment with districts in the spring of the following year, once all student assessment data is received. The amount of estimated funding can be found on line 39 of the Summary of Finance report.



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Hall and Room Monitor Training

Optional training test coordinators can give to hall and room monitors.


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Webinars and Training Modules

These are sent directly to SAT coordinators by College Board.

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SAT School Day Testing Staff Agreement

A form for testing staff to review and sign before administering tests.


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Making sure that students with disabilities can test with accommodations is important to us. Students who need to take the SAT using accommodated materials or other accommodations must be approved to do so by Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

All requests are considered. To use accommodations, students must be approved in SSD Online.

Students with College Board-approved accommodations receive scores that can be reported to colleges. Once approved for accommodations, a student remains approved for all College Board tests, with limited exceptions.

Learn more by watching this on-demand training module for SSD coordinators.

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English learners can use word-to-word bilingual dictionaries, translated test directions, and 50% extended time during SAT School Day.

Learn more about English learner supports.

View a list (.pdf/551 KB) of approved word-to-word dictionaries for student use during SAT School Day.

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Here are additional educator resources created to support an SAT School Day administration:

Visit our SAT School Day Downloads page for more information and resources.

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Prepare for success on the SAT using the resources below, and be sure to talk to your school counselor or administrator about taking the SAT at no cost.

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Help prepare your child for success using the resources below. Keep in mind if your child is in the 11th or 12th grade in a Texas public school, talk to their school counselor or administrator about taking the SAT at no cost.

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Questions? Want to learn more about the SAT in Texas? Email us.

Need more information about accommodations? Email SSD or call 855-373-6387.

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