About the SAT Suite of Assessments

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The redesigned SAT Suite of Assessments is an integrated system made up of these tests:

  • SAT
  • PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10
  • PSAT 8/9

The tests measure the same skills and knowledge in ways that make sense for different grade levels, so it’s easier for students, parents, and educators to monitor student progress.


Test Dates

Why We Changed the Tests

The world needs more people who can solve problems, communicate clearly, and understand complex relationships. The SAT Suite of Assessments focuses on the skills and knowledge that will help today’s students meet that need.

The tests are designed to:

  • Measure the essential ingredients for college and career readiness and success, as shown by research.
  • Have a stronger connection to classroom learning.
  • Inspire productive practice.

Keeping Pace

As students advance from grade to grade, the tests will keep pace, matching the scope and difficulty of work found in the classroom.

Content Alignment

New Score Scale for Greater Insight

The SAT Suite’s progression is reflected in a common score scale that provides consistent feedback across assessments. New scores have also been introduced. These include subscores and cross-test scores, which provide insight into specific strengths and weaknesses. These changes will help:

  • Students see where they can improve.
  • Teachers adjust instruction for students who are ahead or behind.

Other good news includes the elimination of the penalty for guessing.


Increasing Access

The SAT Suite opens doors to college. Its unique benefits include free, personalized practice; college application fee waivers; scholarship opportunities; increased access to AP courses; and more.