SAT and College Enrollment

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The SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and PSAT 10, parts of the SAT Suite of Assessments, offer colleges a detailed profile of student skills and strengths to inform strategic recruiting efforts and admission decisions.


SAT Percentile Ranks by Gender and Race/Ethnicity

Review percentiles (.pdf/263 KB) for both the total SAT scores and for section scores across the full group of test takers, and for specific student populations.

Rich, Reliable Data

Extensive research on high school GPA (HSGPA) has shown significant grade inflation over the past 18 years. More and more students are reporting A grades and fewer and fewer report C’s. During this period, the SAT has remained relatively constant and provides important data that’s reliable year-over-year.

Put a bit differently, using the SAT alongside HSGPA in college admission modeling significantly reduces the error in predicting first year college GPA. This is particularly important for the significant number of students—over one-third—for whom there is a mismatch between SAT performance and HSGPA. This is what researchers call discrepant performance and using both HSGPA and SAT scores for admission decisions provides the most accurate prediction of student performance. In fact, the reduction of error is nearly 10 times less than using HSGPA alone. Download a presentation about this research.

Mattern, K.D., Shaw, E.J., & Kobrin, J.L. 2010. A Case for Not Going SAT-Optional: Students with Discrepant SAT and HSGPA Performance. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Denver, Colo.

Recruiting Power with College Board Search

Users of College Board Search services benefit from the tight content alignment—and common score scale—of the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and PSAT 10. Learn more about College Board Search.

Diverse and Ready for College

The SAT Suite helps increase access to and readiness for college.

Fee Waivers

Join with the College Board to offer application fee waivers to seniors who use fee waivers to take the SAT or SAT Subject Tests. Find out how to sign up and diversify your student body.


To complement our work with National Merit Scholarship Corporation and further remove barriers to college and career success for students across the country, we have partnered with multiple scholarship providers.

School Day Testing

Districts and states that take part in the SAT School Day program increase the number of students who take the SAT, which increases the potential for richer, more diverse campuses.