Training and Professional Development

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Contact your regional office to find out what’s coming to your area and to ask about enrollment staff training on your campus:

Recorded Webinars

Information Technology and Admissions Operations Leaders: This webinar focuses on the details of the new electronic score report, changes to note and plan for, and an overview of the higher level implementation considerations campuses need to manage.

Admission and Enrollment Leaders: This webinar provides high-level detail on the critical elements of the redesigned SAT, along with an overview of the decisions that admissions and enrollment leaders will need to make leading up to the first administration of the redesigned assessments.

Information on Higher Education Assessment Reporting: This webinar gives important details about how to access and use the new online score-reporting portal. Beginning in October 2015, all SAT scores will be reported through this tool. View the slides from the presentation: SAT Score Reporting Portal and Managing Access (.pdf/643 KB).