Electronic Score Data

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Educators receive all score reporting for the SAT Suite of Assessments—including the PSAT 8/9—in the K–12 online portal.

When and Where to Get Scores

Scores will be available depending on when schools return answer sheets.

Sign in to the K–12 score reporting portal.

Quick Facts

  • Each school can have an unlimited number of users for the online reporting portal.
  • Users access the portal by signing in to their College Board educator accounts.
  • Schools will receive a single copy of the paper score report for distribution to students.

Learn more about the interactive features and analysis reports built into the integrated score reporting portal.

Getting Access

Before anyone at your institution can access the reporting portal, you’ll need an access code for the Manage Access application.

If your school is an SAT electronic scores recipient, your access code gets sent to your contact for SAT scores. Access codes are also sent to test coordinators at schools that order PSAT 8/9 materials.

Assign an Access Manager

Every school, district, and state will need an access manager to manage its users. Since the reporting portal is for the entire SAT Suite, the access manager must make sure that the right staff have access to reports and data for the full SAT Suite. Access roles assigned for PSAT 8/9 purposes will be the same as those for the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and PSAT 10.

Using the access code, the access manager can sign in to the Managing Access tool and create user accounts for other staff. The access manager can assign users different roles.

You may have multiple access managers, but we suggest you limit the role to only a few people.

Data Layout Downloads

Here’s what you should know about the 2017-18 downloads:

  • No new fields have been added to the layout, and no fields have been repositioned.
  • The question item response fields now have a code value to account for students that grid multiple answer choices for a question.
  • High School Study and Duration fields are no longer reported. These fields have become FILLER fields.

Data Layout for PSAT 8/9 Electronic Score Reports

Information on fields, codes, groupings, and delivery mechanisms.


297 KB


PSAT 8/9 File Layout Crosswalk—Fixed Width

Compares the old and new file layouts and provides information about the placement and size of each field within the file.


46 KB


PSAT 8/9 File Layout Crosswalk—Delimited

Compares the old and new file layouts and provides information about the placement and size of each field within the file.


49 KB


PSAT 8/9 Fixed-Width Sample Data File

Used to test system updates.


39 KB


PSAT 8/9 Delimited Sample Data File

Used to test system updates.


759 KB