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Student Score Reports

Students will receive a paper score report at school with a unique code giving them access to a robust online score report that will grow to include every test in the redesigned SAT Suite of Assessments. The online experience is designed to help students understand their scores better and use the feedback to build new skills by providing a detailed breakdown of their performance.

Beyond the Numbers

Students can use their free College Board account to access their online score report and look beyond the numbers. Online score reports will provide:

  • Performance summaries for each section
  • Insight into strengths and weaknesses with results grouped by content area and level of difficulty
  • Percentiles to see how their results compare with those of students like them
  • For students who took the SAT with Essay, a scanned copy of their response and the question

They’ll also connect students to:

  • Personalized SAT study — based on their exam results — on the Khan Academy website
  • AP PotentialTM feedback
  • A personality profiler that suggests majors and careers to explore
  • College Search and Major and Career Search on BigFuture

Scoring Details

Get detailed information about scores, including explanations of score ranges, average scores, and percentiles.