Requesting Fee Waivers

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SAT fee waivers let low-income students take the SAT and SAT Subject Tests for free. This service is a tremendous success thanks to educators. Schools automatically receive SAT fee waivers based on the number of fee waivers used by students in the previous testing year. To request additional fee waivers, call the SAT Educator Helpline at 888-SAT-HELP.

Distributing Fee Waivers

School counselors and community-based organizations can help remove the barrier of test fees by distributing fee waivers to students who meet the College Board’s eligibility guidelines.

For more information about ordering and receiving fee waivers, go to Fee-Waiver FAQs.


Fee Waiver Basics

Get details about who is eligible, what fee waivers cover, and more.


College Application Fee Waivers

The College Board provides college application fee waivers directly to students. However, you may still have eligible students who did not get them. You can give them college application fee waivers once you’ve confirmed that they haven’t received them or used their four waivers. 

More Ways to Help

Our research shows that counselors are the most important influence on students’ decision to take the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. But research also shows that underrepresented students need more than a fee waiver to make it to test day.

Counselors have suggested these strategies for making sure students don’t miss test day:

  • Help arrange transportation to the test center.
  • Help students prepare for the tests by connecting them to free practice resources. If they’re taking the SAT Subject Tests, send them to About the SAT Subject Tests for free resources. Students taking the SAT can practice for free at Khan Academy®.
  • Urge students to research financial aid options. Students who use SAT fee waivers may be eligible for up to eight CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE® fee waivers, allowing them to apply online for nonfederal financial aid from higher education institutions, for free.
  • Offer reminders and encouragement.