Bulk Registration

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If your school wants to pay the registration fee on students' behalf, or to ensure that students are all registered at one time (paying individually) for the SAT Subject Tests, you can use the SAT bulk transmittal form (.pdf/181 KB).

Important bulk transmittal issues include the following:

  • Each student registration must be completely filled out. Incomplete forms could result in registration delays.
  • Regular registration deadlines apply. If you send a bulk transmittal after the regular registration date, you must include the late fee for each registration in the order.
  • Bulk registrations must be accompanied by the SAT bulk transmittal form.
  • When you download and print this four-page form, be sure to supply:
    • Your school contact information so that we can contact you to resolve any issues with your order
    • A tally of registrations and other orders being transmitted in the bulk order
    • Payment by purchase-order number, credit card information, or check
  • Ship the transmittal form, payment, and student registration forms to the address on the form, using a traceable method.
  • Shipments from U.S. locations that are postmarked after the regular registration deadline are subject to the late fee applied to every registration.
  • Shipments received after the last applicable deadline will be processed for the next available test date, when possible.