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Jump-Start SAT Practice

When the people who develop the redesigned SAT team up with Khan Academy’s experts in online learning, students get free world-class practice tools. Make sure your students know what’s available.

Seven Ways to Get Students Practicing

Bring Official SAT Practice to Your Students

In this 23-minute video, Boys & Girls Club coaches learn how to engage students in SAT practice on Khan Academy.

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Flyer: Free SAT Practice Tools 

Tells students about free practice tools from Khan Academy® and the College Board.


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Flyer: How to Implement Khan Academy in Your Classroom

Learn how to bring official SAT practice into your classroom with this implementation guide.


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Presentation: Sharing College Board Scores with Khan Academy

Explains how students share scores with Khan Academy® and the benefits of doing so.


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Flyer: Daily Practice for the New SAT

Shows students how the free app helps them prepare for the SAT.


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Flyer: How to Link Your Accounts

Step-by-step guide on how to link College Board and Khan Academy® accounts for a personalized SAT practice plan.


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  • Are you ready for the SAT? Practice the skills you’re already learning in the classroom with College Board and Khan Academy.
  • Take SAT practice anywhere and everywhere with the free app, Daily Practice for the New SAT.