Registration Photo Tips for Educators

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Some students may need help with registration, particularly photos. Here are some ways you can support them:

  • Find out if you can get digital copies of student ID photos.
  • Ask the yearbook staff or photography students to help take photos.
  • Snap a picture with your phone and share it with the student.
  • Team up with class advisers or community groups to arrange a photo-taking event.
  • Help students registering by mail find a drugstore or copy shop that offers photo printing.

Taking an Acceptable Photo

Without a photo ID and an acceptable photo on their Admission Ticket, students will be turned away from the test center.


Photo Requirements

To be sure students upload acceptable photos, view examples and read all photo requirements.

Tips for meeting photo requirements:

  • Take pictures against a blank wall, and get close enough (or zoom in) to capture just the student’s head and shoulders.
  • Keep the lighting balanced to avoid glare or shadows.
  • Suggest that students wearing eyeglasses tilt the frames down slightly so that their eyes aren’t obscured by glare.
  • Deliver by email or thumb drive.