Changing Your Registration Information

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Mistakes happen and schedules change, which is why you can often change registration information and test dates after you've registered.

There are some limits as to what can be changed and when, and there are fees associated with certain changes. We are currently waiving all change fees through June 25.


Print a New Admission Ticket

If you change any registration information, you'll need to bring an updated admission ticket with you on test day. Find out how to print a new admission ticket.

Before You Make a Change

Do any of these situations apply to you?

  • Cancellation: If you’re thinking about canceling your registration, you may be able to get a refund, but it might make more sense to change your test date instead.
  • Absence: If you're absent on test day, you don’t have to reregister—you can change your test date instead, which costs less than registering a second time. If you no longer feel safe taking the SAT or you don't feel well on test day, please stay home. At this time, you will be able to transfer your registration to another test date at no charge. If you would rather cancel your registration, you will be issued a full refund. Contact Customer Service by the Monday following test day to make this request.
  • Test center closing: If your test center closed on test day, read about makeup tests below.
  • Testing with accommodations at your school: If you're approved to test with accommodations that require you to test at your school under the supervision of the SSD Coordinator, you need to make changes through your SSD Coordinator and the Services for Students with Disabilities office.
  • Testing with accommodations at a test center: Students who received late approval of SSD accommodations normally given in the center may be able to change from standard to accommodated testing on test day if space, staff, and materials are available.
  • Mail registration: If you registered by mail, you can make changes, but you need to do it online. Create a College Board account to get started.

What You Can Change and When

Name, Date of Birth, and Gender

How: Contact Customer Service.

Why: You won't be able to take the test if any of this information on your admission ticket is wrong.

Deadline: No later than 8 p.m. ET on the Monday five days prior to your test date, but don't wait until the last minute. These changes often require sending documentation and take longer to process.

Fee: No.

Test Date, Test Center, and Test Type

How: Through your College Board account.

Deadline: Check your admission ticket.

Fee: Change fees are currently waived through June 25.

Switching Between the SAT and the SAT with Essay

You can change to or from the SAT with Essay without a change fee, but you do pay the price difference between the two tests if you’re switching to the SAT with Essay.

You may be able to switch on test day, but it's up to the test center coordinator and depends on whether they have enough materials, space, and staff. You will be seated after other students.


How: Through your College Board account.

Why: Photo doesn't meet test center requirements.

Deadline: Up to five days before the published test date.

Fee: No.

Important: Being able to upload a photo doesn't mean it meets these photo requirements. Centers will turn you away on test day if your photo doesn't meet these standards.

Address, High School Information, Score Reports

How: Through your College Board account.

Why: Information is incorrect or you change the colleges you send scores to.

Deadline: It's usually nine days after the day you took the test—check your admission ticket.

Fee: No.

Update and Print Your Admission Ticket

The admission ticket you bring on test day must be up to date, so if you make any changes you’ll need to update and reprint it. You could be denied entry to the test if your admission ticket isn’t an exact match to the test center roster.

How to update and print your ticket:

  1. Sign into your College Board account.
  2. Click Print/Update Ticket.
  3. Use a credit card or PayPal to cover any fees or charges.
  4. Print your updated admission ticket.

Unexpected Test Center Closings

SAT test center coordinators are instructed to notify local media outlets when their centers are unable to open due to inclement weather, natural disaster, power failure, or other problems. Find updated information about test center closings.

Makeup Testing

A makeup test may be scheduled if your center is unable to open on test day or if a misadministration or irregularity occurs—you will be notified by the SAT Program.

  • Only registered students can take a makeup test. Students who've already tested during the same administration may not use a makeup administration to retest or to take a different SAT Program test.
  • You must bring your updated admission ticket with you to the makeup test.
  • You may test only at the center for which you are registered or authorized.
  • You may only take tests that you registered for on the original date.
  • You must take the entire test at a makeup administration.
  • Sunday testing is available for religious reasons only. You may not test on Sunday if you missed the test on Saturday.
  • Question-and-Answer Service isn't offered for makeup tests even if it was available for the original test date.
  • The availability of makeup testing and the conditions under which test takers are entitled to take a makeup test are at the sole discretion of the College Board.
  • Access to your online essay image from a makeup administration won't be available until several weeks after the makeup date.