Homeschooled Students

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Homeschooled students register for the SAT online or by mail. After you register, you'll get an admission ticket—remember to bring it with you on test day.


Homeschool Code

When prompted for a high school code, enter: 970000.

Fee Waivers

If you are a homeschooled student, you can ask for a fee waiver from a counselor at the local public high school. You must provide proof of eligibility (tax records, public assistance records, or record of enrollment in an aid program) to the counselor. If you qualify, the counselor will issue a fee waiver card and can go over it with you.

If you're registering by mail, include the fee waiver card with your registration form.

ID Requirement

On test day, you'll need to prove that you are who you say are, so you'll need a photo ID as well as your admission ticket. You can use a driver's license, passport, or other government-issued photo ID.

If you don't have any of those—and you are a student under 21 who is testing in the U.S. or U.S. territories—you can fulfill the ID requirement with the Student ID Form (.pdf/128KB) and a photo.

Here's how:

  1. If you know a counselor or someone else who works at your local high school, ask that person to print the Student ID Form on school letterhead, or you can print both sides and bring it with you (see the instructions on the form). If you don’t know a counselor, take a printed form to a notary public.
  2. Attach a current photo of yourself to the form. It must meet the same photo requirements as the admission ticket.
  3. Ask the counselor or notary public to apply the school or notary seal, making sure to overlap the photo.
  4. Sign the form, and then ask the counselor or notary public to sign and date it.
  5. Bring the completed Student ID Form with you on test day. At the test center, you’ll be asked to sign the Student ID Form again.

The form is good for one year.