Requesting Sunday Testing

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Sunday testing is available for test takers who are unable to take the SAT on Saturday for religious reasons.

Sunday test dates immediately follow each Saturday test date, unless there is a conflict with a religious holiday.

Sunday Testing Guidelines

  • You can request Sunday testing only if your religion doesn't allow testing on a published Saturday test date.
  • You can't test on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Sunday testing is not available in India or Pakistan.

Get a Letter from an Official Religious Leader

If you want to take the test on a Sunday, you need to provide a letter that meets these conditions:

  • Explains the religious reason for the request
  • Is printed on stationery from your house of worship
  • Is signed by an official religious leader

Registering for Sunday Testing Online

The first time you register for Sunday testing online, you must:

  • Complete a request online by filling out the SAT Student and Parent Inquiry Form
    • Select Registration and Change Saturday/Sunday Registration for the first and second dropdown menus respectively
  • Upload a signed clergy letter through the form
  • Once you submit the clergy letter, Customer Service will process your request and contact you via email to advise you of your next steps in scheduling your Sunday test
  • Once your Sunday test date is confirmed, print your admission ticket with the Sunday test date

Registering a Second Time

Once you've registered for Sunday testing, you can reregister online or by phone for additional test dates without providing the clergy letter. College Board is no longer accepting paper registrations for SAT Weekend.

If a Sunday Test Center Closes

If a Sunday test center must close, the SAT Program arranges for a makeup test date and notifies the registered students.