Verifying Your Scores

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The College Board has very careful and systematic quality control processes to ensure accuracy of your test score. If you would like to double-check your scores, you have access to score verification services.

Student Answer Verification

With our student answer verification services, you'll get:

  • Difficulty of each question answered correctly, incorrectly, or omitted
  • Type of test questions

You can order student answer verification services when you register for the SAT or up to five months after your test date. Depending on when and where you take the SAT, you can order either the Question-and-Answer Service or the Student Answer Service.

The student answer verification services are not test prep or practice tools. 

Score Verification

Score verification may assure you that your test has been scored accurately. Your options include multiple-choice hand score verification, essay score verification, or both.

Consider score verification if:

  • Your score is very different from what you expected. You may have made an obvious mistake in marking your answers.
  • Your essay is blank or completely illegible when you view it in your online score report. You may have written your essay in ink (which does not scan properly).

You might not want score verification if:

  • You see your correct essay online and it is readable. Essay score verification does not include rereading the essay or an appeal of your essay score.
  • You did not use a No. 2 pencil or you did not mark your multiple-choice answers according to our guidelines. We will not rescore your answer sheet, and your score will not change. Examples of not following the guidelines: using slashes, not completely or darkly filling in the answer circles, or not marking the circles for your student-produced responses in the math section.